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Happy Easter

bunnyThe Easter Bunny is about to arrive. Most times he brings lots of chocolate bunnies and treats for everyone to eat. That is why it is so important to hop on down to your local dental office. Many children love to eat sweets. Wait a minute…many adults like to eat sweets too! It’s just that around the holidays sometimes we forget the importance of dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice daily will keep your teeth in the best shape. It can be a challenge to have children enthusiastic about teeth care. Some easy ways to help brushing be fun are:

  • Use an electric toothbrush. This is the most efficient way for teeth and gums to get a proper cleaning. Most children love the idea of something that makes noise. Plus, it feels great on the gums, especially those children who are teething, and it always helps for the children to see mom or dad use the electric toothbrush first.
  • Make sure your children understand that it is okay to eat sweets in moderation, but that they have to brush their teeth after they are finished. This is an easy way to allow children to eat out of their Easter baskets while mom and dad get the satisfaction of having their children brush their teeth twice daily. It’s simple. If they don’t want to brush, then they can’t have the sweets!
  • Since the recommendation for brushing is two full minutes, it can become a little difficult as to how to keep the child entertained. Singing songs are always a great way to pass the time. The alphabet song is a great choice because of the length of the song is about one minute (two minutes if repeated)!

Always remember throughout the year that your dental hygiene is important. Visit your dentist twice a year for your dental cleaning & check up appointments! Happy Easter from all our dentists and staff at Aarm Dental Group.

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