10 Aarm Dental Group Locations Downtown Vancouver to serve you!

Aarm Dental Group Beach 112-1000 Beach Avenue Van, B.C 604-683-5530
Aarm Dental Group Beatty 529 Beatty Street Van, B.C. V6B 0G2 604-699-1901
Aarm Dental Group BC Place 919 Expo Blvd. Van, B.C. 604-689-0965
Aarm Dental Group Cambie 2180 Cambie Street Van, B.C 604-684-0224
Aarm Dental Group Coal Harbour 1560 Coal Harbour Quay Van, B.C. 604-688-2354
Aarm Dental Group Denman 917 Denman Street Van, B.C 604-647-0006
Aarm Dental Group Hornby 1270 Hornby Street Van, B.C 604-681-8530
Aarm Dental Group Main 2270 Main St Van, B.C 604-255-0060
Aarm Dental Group Seymour 993 Seymour St. Van, B.C 604-688-7607
Aarm Dental Group Yaletown 1156 Pacific Blvd. Van, B.C 604-629-0386

Aarm’s Philosophy

We are a unique group of academically oriented dentists who share a common philosophy. We believe that high tech dental treatments and techniques are key to providing our patients with healthy, happy and beautiful smiles – for a lifetime. However, we also believe that high tech dentistry is useless unless it is married to accurate diagnosis, great clinical skills and effective communications abilities

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Aarm Dental Group COVID-19 Update

Aarm Dentists and Staff has your back through Covid-19… We are excited to have this opportunity to welcome returning & new patients!

Aarm Dentists have always made the safety of our staff and our patients, the number one priority. Aarm has always exceeded the guidelines of the CDSBC, BCDA, CDA and WCB.

We have instituted several the additional safety measures in all our Aarm Locations for your protection and ours. See Covid-19 Page for details. Contact your Aarm Location directly to schedule your next appointment.