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April Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening has become one of the most popular treatments in dentistry today. It is a safe, gentle, and reliable way to improve your smile and confidence! Tooth whitening products are sold at your local drug store, however, they are not as strong as dentist prescribed products and therefore, may not provide the level of whitening that you want.

Dentist prescribed whitening products are divided into two categories: Take home kits (day or nite time kits) and In-office procedures like ZOOM! Whitening. Professional take home kits will brighten your smile in about 10-14 days, whereas, in-office whitening produces a whiter smile in as little as one hour!

Tooth whitening isn’t the answer for everyone. You must see your dentist to determine if you are a candidate. Whitening will not change the colour of manufactured materials such as composite fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers. Also, most whitening products will make your teeth temporarily sensitive to hot or cold. This is normal and will disappear quickly.

How long your bright smile lasts depends on many factors. Eating foods such as red wine, soy sauce, curry and tomato sauces, blueberries, coffee, tea etc. tend to stain the teeth and make them appear dull. Regular dental cleanings and use of a home whitening kit will help you maintain and keep your smile bright for years to come.

Dental whitening procedures are considered cosmetic procedures and are not normally covered by dental insurance.
To learn more about Teeth Whitening, please go to Aarm Dental Cosmetic Dentistry.

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