summer 2016

Summer 2016

The Summer is here it’s time to celebrate graduation or attend a wedding or be part of the wedding party – it’s a perfect time to give yourself a gift – make your smile a whiter brighter one!
In office Zoom Whitening it only takes about an hour. For the best results you should always have a dental cleaning appointment to remove build up of plaque and calculus and on a separate day schedule you’re in office Zoom appointment.

We always to help maintain your whiter brighter smile have custom trays made so you can touch up at home whenever you wish to.

Some patients will have some sensitivity after the Zoom whitening procedure just follow your dentists instructions and refrain from eating and drinking staining items such as coffee and tea.
Have a wonderful summer and always smile – smiling is contagious!

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Aarm Dental Group COVID-19 Update

Aarm Dentists and Staff has your back through Covid-19… We are excited to have this opportunity to welcome returning & new patients!

Aarm Dentists have always made the safety of our staff and our patients, the number one priority. Aarm has always exceeded the guidelines of the CDSBC, BCDA, CDA and WCB.

We have instituted several the additional safety measures in all our Aarm Locations for your protection and ours. See Covid-19 Page for details. Contact your Aarm Location directly to schedule your next appointment.