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Trick Or Treat

Sticky, chewy candies are cavity-causing culprits. Gummies, taffy, caramel – they all get stuck in the pits and grooves of teeth, where it’s nearly impossible for saliva to wash them away. The longer that candy remains stuck in the teeth, the higher the risk of developing cavities.

No matter what season it is, kids should be brushing their teeth for two minutes twice a day and flossing once a day. It’s especially important to brush before bedtime and no eating or drinking after. Otherwise sugars will linger on the teeth all night long, increasing their risk of cavities.

In general, children should brush their teeth after having candy. Good eating habits, regular dental visits and visiting dentist by age 1 are a few other ways to ensure your child maintains good dental health.

Have a happy, safe and cavity free Halloween!

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